15 Shore Road, Skelmorlie

Source of Photos: 1. & 2. Facebook: Skelmorlie & Wemyss Bay in their Heyday. 3. Courtesy of N Dunsmore 4. Slater Hogg & Howison Sales Brochure.

Messrs Lamb & Rankin, Builders, Glasgow1859/60Purchase of land. Likely builders of property.
Dr Garroway and family including John, Robina and MargaretFrom date unknown but owners at least from 1875 – 1947Property Extended to South – Circa 1920.
1947Became Thorndale Hotel.
Mr & Mrs A Hutchison, proprietors of Thorndale Hotel1954From and to date not known but it is likely that Hutchison’s bought the property from Margaret’s Trustees and then sold it on to Kenneth MacLeod.
Mr K MacleodFrom date unknown – 1965/66Main house converted to 3 houses; Lower, Upper, Annex. Architect: Thomas, Smith, Gibb & Pate.

Update May 2020:

Thorndale is still split into 3 apartments as per the 1965 conversion. The coach house, originally split into two flats was renovated and converted back into one property circa 2012 after planning permission to demolish it and build 8 flats was rejected.


  • On 25th July 1859, a 2 acre plot of land was sold by Archibald William Montgomerie, Earl of Eglinton and Winton to Thomas Lamb and James Rankin, Wrights (joiners/carpenters) and Builders, Glasgow, with the condition “upon which a Dwelling House or Villa of not less value than four hundred pounds Sterling should be built within 2 years”. Source: Feu Contract between the Earl of Eglinton & Winton & the Trustees for the firm of Messrs Lamb & Rankin.
  • Thorndale Stained Glass Window

    Thorndale Stained Glass Window

    Historic Scotland Listing: A very prominent, well-designed, and relatively unaltered mid-Victorian villa overlooking the Firth of Clyde, and of considerable streetscape value. Circa 1860, with early 1920’s addition to S; Predominantly 2-storey, L-plan multi-gabled villa with deep eaves, very decorative bargeboards, advanced canted bay to W, lower wings to sides and rear, and prominent barley-twist chimney cans. Tripartite staircase window overlooking courtyard with circular stained- glass window depicting armorial bearing above. Source: Historic Scotland. Photo: N Dunsmore

  • Dr Garroway, Thorndale, Skelmorlie. Source: 1878 & 1882 Slater’s Royal National Directory.
  • Mrs Garroway, Thorndale, Skelmorlie. Source: 1903 Slater’s Royal National Directory.
  • Robina Garroway of Thorndale, Skelmorlie died 9 June 1938. Source: Probate Services.
  • Dr Robert Garroway was a surgeon by training and later turned to being a manufacturing chemist. He set up a business with his brother, James Garroway, at 694 Duke Street, Glasgow, which became known as ‘R&J
    Thorndale Garroway

    “R&J Garroway”

    Garroway’. He married Agnes McWilliam in 1847 and they subsequently had four children; John (went on to become an army major), William, Robina and Margaret.  As a family they split their time between a house in Glasgow, ‘Rosemount’ on Cumbernauld Road and a house in Skelmorlie. The Garroway family prospered during the Industrial Revolution and like other successful industrialists, they spent some of their monies on grand houses and objet d’art. Their factory, which occupied a large area, was one of the notable firms engaged in the exemplification of Glasgow’s great chemical industry in the 19th century. Goods manufactured at R&J Garroway were for the home and export market, winning a gold medal at the Edinburgh International Exhibition of 1886 for excellence of manufacture. Although most of its products were abandoned during the 20th century, part of the works was still producing sulphuric acid in 2002. Robert died in May 1887. Source: Collections.GlasgowMuseums.com/Margaret Galloway

  • Margaret Helen Galloway (1860-1947) was the youngest daughter of Robert and Agnes Garroway above.
    Thorndale Violin

    “Violin Teacher” By: Federico Andreotti (circa 1875 – 90)

    Margaret was brought up with her two brothers, John & William and a sister, Robina. There are no records of Margaret marrying, nor are there any indications that she held any positions in the family business. In later life Margaret moved permanently to ‘Thorndale’ and just before her death on 24 January 1947, she bequeathed four oil paintings, including the Violin Teacher shown by Federico Andreotti (circa 1875 – 90), two watercolours, a number of engravings, as well as a collection of oriental ivory to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Source: Collections.GlasgowMuseums .com/ Margaret Galloway.

  • Following Margaret’s death, the trustees of her estate sought changes to Thorndale’s feu contract (with the Earl of Eglinton & Winton) to allow “Thorndale to be used as a private hotel or boarding house for the accommodation of lodgers only but on the condition that no malt, spirituous or excisable liquor should be sold or supplied on the premises.” Source: Minute of Modification of Building Restrictions by the Trustees of the Earl of Eglinton -May 1947.
  • In Sept 1954, Mr and Mrs Alexander Hutchison, proprietors of the now “Thorndale Hotel” were successful in getting Thorndale’s feu contract, amended again to allow malt, spirituous or excisable liquor to be sold or supplied on the premises”. Source: Minute of waiver (to feu contract) by Earl of Eglinton & Winton dated Sept. 29, 1954.
  • There are no records of when the Hutchisons became the proprietors of Thorndale Hotel, but it is likely that they bought the property from the Trustees of Margaret Garroway and then sold it on to Kenneth MacLeod. Comment: N Dunsmore. 
  • On the 8 April 1964, planning permission was granted by Ayr county council to Mr McLeod, to divide the main house into 3 separate houses; namely lower flat, upper flat and rear wing. At a similar time, permission was sought and granted to convert the stables (to the South) into 2 houses and to erect a new house in the northeast corner of the plot.  Source: Ayr County Council Planning consent & Disposition by Kenneth MacLeod.
  • The architectural firm for the conversion was Thomas, Smith, Gibb and Pate and the first of the newly completed houses, the Annex, was completed and sold in Nov 1965. Source: Search for Incumbrances affecting all and whole of Thorndale, Skelmorlie.

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